allow us to introduce ourselves.


who are we?

Originally co-founded by three students, Lucid Dream is a non-profit collective that provides professionally-oriented opportunities to ambitious and talented students, who lack access to the same experiences and opportunities granted amongst Toronto’s many established and experienced artists. As young students originally from the suburbs, we directly related to the feeling of disorientation in such a big, talented creative community, and became inspired to curate an event that would serve as an open, supportive platform for artists of all mediums to connect their dreams to reality - or in other words, to ‘lucid dream’.


What originally started off as a one-off event thrown with little experience, evolved into a much bigger picture, as we soon realized how necessary it was for our community to have a space for ‘creative underdogs’ to feel valued and appreciated. We began to focus our attention more towards providing a sustainable platform, and through providing various opportunities we encouraged artists to create, connect, and collaborate with their fellow community. Fast forward to three years later, and Lucid Dream continues to stand proudly as a collective of 10 dedicated individuals, all equally as passionate to cultivate and build within their own creative community.